139 - Since to the Holiest


Since to the Holiest none may enter in
Save those whom Jesus' blood has cleansed from sin—
The blood is life, and must for sin atone;
Christ is my life, my life in Christ alone.

So when life's sun is sinking in the west,
I know that with the coming dawn comes rest;
And when the shadows show the close of day,
He who has conquered death shall light my way.

And as I've learned on earth the rest He gives,
And here to live with Him who ever lives,
I know where He is, at my God's right hand,
Must be my country and my Fatherland.

Thus may I prove in Christ my risen Lord
All that He's promised in His written word—
My life, my way, my home, my rest above,
When sleep of death shall wake to endless love.