180 -†Watchman, Tell me

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Watchman, tell me, does the morning
Of fair Zionís glory dawn?
Have the signs that mark its coming
Yet upon thy pathway shone?
Pilgrim, yes! arise, look round thee;
Light is breaking in the skies;
Gird thy bridal robes around thee,
Morning dawns, arise! arise!

Watchman, see, the light is beaming
Brighter still upon thy way;
Signs through all the earth are gleaming,
Omens of the coming day,
When the Jubal trumpet, sounding,
Shall awake from earth and sea
All the saints of God now sleeping,
Clad in immortality.

Watchman, hail the light ascending
Of the grand, sabbatic year;
All with voices loud proclaiming
That the kingdom now is near;
Pilgrim, yes, I see just yonder,
Cannanís glorious heights arise;
Salem, too appears in grandeur,
Towering Ďneath its sunlit skies.

Watchman, in the golden city,
Seated on His jasper throne,
Zionís King, arrayed in beauty,
Reigns in peace from zone to zone;
There, on sunlit hills and mountains,
Golden beams serenely glow;
Purling streams and crystal fountains,
On whose banks sweet flowerets blow.

Watchman, see, the land is nearing,
With its vernal fruits and flowers;
On, just yonderóO, how cheering!
Bloom forever Edenís bowers;
Hark, the choral strains are ringing,
Wafted on the balmy air;
See the millions, hear them singing,
Soon the pilgrims will be there.