220 - I Love the Sacred Book

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I love the sacred book of God,
No other can its place supply;
It points me to the saints' abode,
And bids me from destruction fly.

Sweet book! in thee my eyes discern
The image of my absent Lord;
From thy instructive page I learn
The joys His presence will afford.

But while I'm here, thou shalt supply
His place, and tell me of His love;
I'll read with faith's discerning eye,
And thus partake of joys above.

Within thy sacred lids is found
A transcript of my Maker's will;
Treasures of knowledge here abound,
The deepest, loftiest mind to fill.

Light of the world, thy beams impart,
To lead my feet through life's dark way;
O, shine on this benighted heart,
Nor let me from thy guidance stray.