227- Behold the Saviour at the Door

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Behold the Saviour at the door!
He gently knocks, has knocked before,
Has waited long, is waiting still;
You treat no other friend so ill.

He counsels thee to buy of him
Gold tried by fire, and raiment clean;
Anoint thine eyes, that thou mayest see,
And put away thy stains from thee.

O, hear the faithful Witness' voice,
He offers now a final choice;
Thou art offensive, O lukewarm!
Therefore be zealous and reform.

His mission now is almost o'er,
Before the throne He'll plead no more;
The filthy must his filth retain,
He that is holy, so remain.

His locks with dews of night are wet,
But at thy heart he lingereth yet.
O wake, and open wide the door;
Bid thy Beloved wait no more.

Yea, bring him in, a welcome guest;
So shalt thou in his presence rest,
And in communion sweet and free,
Shalt sup with him and he with thee.