251- I Ask Not, Lord, for Less


I ask not, Lord, for less to bear
Here in the narrow way,
But that I may thy blessing share
In all I do or say,
In all I do or say.

Through whatsoe'er my path shall lie,
With patience may I run;
With filial trust my heart reply,
"Thy will, O God, be done.
Thy will, O God, be done."

With Thee to lead, I will not fear
In scenes with dangers rife,
While still thy cheering voice I hear,
"I am the way, the life,
I am the way, the life".

Thou art the refuge of my soul,
My hope when comforts flee,
My strength while life's rough billows roll,
My joy eternally,
My joy eternally.

Then help me to improve with care,
These precious moments given;
For they a faithful record bear,
Of good or ill, to heaven,
Of good or ill, to heaven.

And in Thine arms of love enfold
Me from the tempter's snare;
And in the book of life enrolled,
Be my name written there,
Be my name written there.