312- Weeping Endures But for a Night

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Weeping endures but for a night,
Joy cometh with the morning light;
Joy cometh of celestial birth,
Unsullied by the blight of earth.

Joy comes each faithful heart to thrill,
That fears of change no more will chill;
Transporting joy, that fills the soul
While everlasting ages roll.

Then, mourning pilgrim, upward gaze;
Beyond this dark and thorny maze
A joy for every tear is found,
A healing balm for every wound.

No sorrow there shall dim the eye,
No wintry winds or storms are nigh,
No sighs borne on the fragrant air;
But all shall in the glory share.

Awake, for, lo, not distant far,
The rising of the Morning Star;
O watch to catch the newborn ray
That ushers in a cloudless day.

Hail! glorious morn, whose radiant light
Shall bid the darkness take its flight;
Shall chase the shades of gloom away,
And night be turned to endless day.