314- When Darkness Gathers

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When darkness gathers round thy way,
As falls the shades of even;
No star, with its mild, cheering ray,
To chase the gloom. our fears allay—
How sweet the light of heaven!

When toiling in the narrow way,
By persecution driven,
Beset with treacherous snares that lay
To lead our wayward feet astray,
How sweet the smiles of heaven!

When by earth's care and grief and woe
The anguished heart is riven,
And bitter tears of sorrow flow,
No soothing balm found here below—
How sweet the joy of heaven!

And when our pilgrimage is o'er,
The blessed promise given;
When, borne on angels' wings we soar
To meet the Saviour we adore—
How sweet the home in heaven!