397- I Will Never Leave Thee

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I will never, never leave thee,
I will never, never thee forsake;
I will guide, and save, and keep thee.
For My name and mercy's sake.
Fear no evil, Fear no evil,
Only all My counsel take.

When the storm is raging round thee,
Call on Me in humble prayer;
Il will fold My arms around thee,
Guard thee with the tenderest care;
In the trial, in the trial,
I will make thy pathway clear.

When the sky above is glowing,
And around thee all is bright.
Pleasure like a river flowing,
All things tending to delight;
I'll be with thee, I'll be with thee,
I will guide thy steps aright.

When thy soul is dark and clouded,
Filled with doubt, and grief, and care,
Through the mists by which 'tis shrouded,
I will make the light appear,
And the banner, and the banner,
Of My love I will uprear.