434- O Golden Day

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O golden day, so long desired,
Born of a darksome night,
The waiting earth at last is fired
By thy resplendent light.
And hark! the promised heavenly chord
Is heard from sea to sea,
This song: One Master, Christ the Lord,
And brethren all are we.

The noises of the night shall cease,
The storms no longer roar;
The factious foes of love and peace
Shall vex the soul no more.
A thousand thousand voices sing
The surging harmony;
One Master, Christ, one Saviour King,
And brethren all are we.

Sing on, ye heralds of the morn,
Your grand endeavor strain,
Till Christian hearts estranged and torn,
Blend in the glad refrain;
And all the church, with all its powers,
In loving loyalty,
Shall sing: One Master, Christ, is ours,
And brethren all are we.

O golden day! the ages crown,
Aglow with heavenly love,
Rare day in prophecy's renown,
On to thy zenith move,
When earth and heaven with one accord,
In full-voiced unity,
Shall sing: One Master, Christ our Lord,
And brethren all are we.