437- Lord, Her Watch Thy Church Is Keeping

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Lord, her watch Thy church is keeping;
When shall earth Thy rule obey?
When shall end the night of weeping?
When shall break the promised day?
See the whitening harvest languish,
Waiting still the laborers' toil;
Was it vain, Thy Son's deep anguish?
Shall the strong retain the spoil?

Tidings, sent for every creature,
Millions yet have never heard;
Can they hear without a preacher?
Lord Almighty, give the word;
Give the word; in every nation
Let the gospel trumpet sound,
Witnessing of Thy salvation
To the earth's remotest bound.

Then the end, Thy church completed,
All Thy chosen gathered in,
With their King in glory seated,
Satan bound, and banished sin;
Gone foreyer, parting, weeping,
Hunger, sorrow, death, and pain;
Lo! her watch Thy church is keeping;
Come, Lord Jesus; come to reign.