544- O’er All the Land

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O'er all the land have the signs now appeared,
Telling us soon our dear Saviour will come;
Long has the worn pilgrim watched, hoped, and feared,
Waiting for that blessed hope; 0 come, Saviour, come.

Sound forth the tidings, long, loud, and clear;
Jesus is coming, and soon will appear;
All hearts respond as we long for our home,
"Quickly come, 0 blessed Jesus, come, Saviour, come!"

Signs in the sun and the moon and the stars
Faithfully show that the great day is near;
Nations distressed by the rumors of wars,
And the hearts of wicked men are failing for fear.

These, to the pilgrim, are omens of cheer,
Toiling and sighing in life's gloomy way;
All, all proclaim that the Saviour is near,
And the light is dawning of that soon-coming day.

Then let us rally, and fresh courage take;
Soon will we hear our dear Lord's loving voice;
Those who will now all their errors forsake
Soon the pearly gates will enter—sing and rejoice.