566 - There’s a Stranger at the Door

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There's a Stranger at the door, Let Him in;
He has been there oft before, Let Him in;
Let Him in, ere He is gone,
Let Him in, the Holy One,
Jesus Christ, the Father's Son, Let Him in.

Open now to Him your heart, Let Him in;
If you wait He will depart, Let Him in;
Let Him in, He is your friend,
And your soul He will defend;
He will keep you to the end, Let Him in.

Hear you now His pleading voice? Let Him in;
Now, O now make Him your choice, Let Him in;
He is standing at the door,
Joy to you He will restore,
And His name you will adore, Let Him in.

Now admit the heavenly guest, Let Him in;
He will make for you a feast, Let Him in;
He will speak your sins forgiven,
And when earth ties all are riven,
He will take you home to heaven, Let Him in.