570 - O Tender and Sweet Was the Father’s Voice


O tender and sweet was the Father's voice
As He lovingly called to me,
"Come over the line, it is only a step;
I'm waiting, My child, for thee."

"Over the line," hear the sweet refrain;
Angels are chanting the heavenly strain;
"Over the line"—Why should I remain
With a step between me and Jesus?

"But my sins are so many, my faith so small"—
Lo! the answer came quick and clear,
"Thou needest not trust in thyself at all;
Step over the line. I'm here."

"But my flesh is so feeble," with tears I said,
"And the pathway I cannot see;
I fear if I try I may sadly fail,
And thus dishonor Thee."

The world is so cold I cannot go back,
Press forward I surely must;
I'll lay my weak hand in His wounded palm,
Step over the line and trust.