602 - Jesus, Thou Hast Promised

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Jesus, Thou hast promised
That where two or three
In Thy name have gathered,
Thou wilt present be;
And Thy word believing,
Now in prayer we kneel;
Jesus, come and bless us;
Lord, Thyself reveal.

Jesus, come and bless us
While we linger here;
Jesus, come and bless us,
Be Thou ever near.

Jesus, Thou hast met us
Oft in seasons past,
But we need Thy presence
With us till the last;
Come, O blessed Saviour,
And Thy grace display;
Hear us and accept us;
Bless us while we pray.

Jesus, tune our voices
To Thy songs of praise;
Be in each petition
That to Thee we raise;
May our faith grow stronger,
And our hope more bright;
May our love be purer,
And our path more light.