654 - Holy Day, Jehovah’s Rest

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Holy day, Jehovah's rest,
Of creation's week the best;
Last of all the chosen seven,
Blessed of God, to man 'twas given.

Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome;
Glad we hail its presence blest,
'Tis the great Jehovah's rest.

First His six days' work was done,
Then the Sabbath was begun;
Thus He blessed the seventh day,
Thus in resting we obey.

Thousands have His plan reversed,
Resting now upon the first;
Search the Book and you shall know
There's no scripture tells them so.

All who speak the truth must say
It was man who changed the day;
In God's word no change appears
Through the whole six thousand years!

Thus I searched; and when I saw
Only one great Sabbath law,
Then I hastened to obey—
Plainly, 'twas the only way.